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10/12/2023 9:56:50 AM

Raid rotations suggestion

There are to many raid in this game and not enough time to farm and get all the loot especially the exoctic weapon the raid rotation (rr) is grate but not efficient so here are my suggestion to make it better 1.keep 2 raid on a week ration ie ( one old,one new eg last wish,VOD) 2. dont put the recently released raid like RON in rr as it is very new give it a year before u put it in rr, why u ask coz we paid for it and we wanna enjoy the experience at our own time. 3.If the raid is a year old the then make it easier for people to get the exotics weapon either by a quest or a high drop rate. 4.of course this goose without saying there will at least be 4 raid active every week 2 of them reprised 2 of them from rr with everyone giving spoil of conquest(if you want u can reduce the spoils from 5 to 3 for every encounter) now this strategi can be used for dungeons as will with little modification

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