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9/20/2023 12:26:02 AM


[b][u]What’s up fellow Guardians![/u][/b] [i]Seek to grind for more precious loot? Searching for other gamers to raid together? Demand for Sherpas to teach you the latest content?[/i] [b]Come take a look and pursuit with the AOTB.[/b] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [u][b]Who are we?[/b][/u] The [i]Accusers of the Brëthrën[/i] are a prospering clan of many fellow Guardians that aim to support and grind through the various fields that D2 have to offer. Our prime focus is to be [b]a service[/b] for those who pursuit in need of to learn, exceed, or simply want to join in for a laugh and meet new faces. [b]No matter what[/b] level you believe that you’re in the game, we always have an extra seat to greet and welcome within our ranks. [b][u]What we offer?[/u][/b] We have a [b]disposal[/b] of things that you might be interested in such as... ➢ Highly dedicated Sherpa program looking for more recruits & teach New Lights endgame content such as raids ➢ Well organized LFG channels to ping fellow members to callout for aid anything D2 related such as seasonal content ➢ Broad community of fellow Guardians across all gaming platforms & time zones ➢ Distribution of clans for those who strive in looking for a clan ➢ Helpful resources to look for as a guide, explore personal stats, & organize events D2 related ➢ Venue channels to chill & chit chat with the community about unlinked to D2 ➢ Local host games to participate & compete amongst your fellow Guardians [b]And more & many more to come...[/b] [b][u]How to join?[/u][/b] It's easy to count! Just follow these instructions below. [b]1.)[/b] Click the provided link [b]below[/b] that will send you to our Discord kingdom [url][/url] [b]2.)[/b] Once you in, you will be greeted by our leadership team, then each will give you few instructions before you may have access such as enrolling [b]important[/b] roles & registering with [b]Charlamagne[/b] Bot (if you have not already). [b]3.)[/b] Once we’ve given confirmation, you are now ready to take on the dark forces of evil & thrive new friendships along the way! [b][u]I have a question...[/u][/b] If you have any questions in mind, please don’t hesitate to throw in a message to my Discord DM’s at [b][u]Pew36#2286[/u][/b] or you’re more than welcome to submit a ticket in our dedicated Help-Ticket system and shortly you will be assisted by one of our leadership team. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Overall, if you’re interested in joining our force, come say hello & thank you for your time. [i]We’ll see you soon Guardians![/i] [b][i]Deuces!![/i][/b]

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