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9/12/2023 9:39:50 PM


[u][b]Hey fellow Guardians![/b][/u] It is time yet again to return to the gamer grind as this week inaugurates the arrival of [b]Grandmaster Nightfalls[/b] so now the questions arise... are you aiming to pursue your very own Conqueror title to display your greatness? Aiming to pursue that tasty god roll that you desperately need to get your hands on? Or simply you're aiming to pursue more Golf balls to add to your collection? [b][i]Come pursuit with the AOTB![/i][/b] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [u][b]Who are we?[/b][/u] We, as the [i]Accusers of the Brëthrën[/i], are a flourishing clan that aims to [b]prioritize[/b] support & growth to those who need guidance, boost, and partying through the most impactful variations in the game. Whether it will be aiding [i]Eris Morn[/i] on her conquest in finding clues to resurrect [i]Savathûn[/i] with newest cards to collect and weaponry to use. Or take flight to the returning Presage mission to chase after the [b]Dead Man’s Tale[/b] and limited hunting armaments from [i]Season of the Hunted[/i]. We store many events for you, fellow gamers, to try out and enjoy endlessness. [i][b]SO...[/b][/i] [u][b]What we offer?[/b][/u] ➢ [b]Highly[/b] devoting Sherpa program that aids endgame activities such as raids ➢ LFG channels to ping fellow members for [b]assistance[/b] over each PvE & PvP sectors ➢ Fellow members [b]booming[/b] across all gaming platforms & time zones ➢ [b]Striking[/b] network of clans for those who strive to join in a clan ➢ [b]Abundant[/b] selection of channels to explore & meet new interests & hobbies outside of D2 ➢ Daily [b]encouraging[/b] questionnaire anyone can participate & share sentiments amongst fellow members [i][b]And many more...[/b][/i] [b][u]How to join?[/u][/b] [b]1.)[/b] Click the provided link to our Discord server [b]below...[/b] ➫ [url][/url] [b]2.)[/b] Once you joined our Discord server, you will be greeted by one of our fellow leadership team and guide you through which roles to [b]enroll[/b] & [b]register[/b] with [i]Charlemagne Bot[/i]. [b]3.)[/b] [b]Once[/b] you followed & completed each instructive step then let our leadership team know and they will grant you [b]access[/b] to our server. 4.) Lastly, [b]go have some fun & meet new great friendships![/b] [i]It's EZ as one, two, and three...[/i] [u][b]I have a question...[/b][/u] If you have any questions don't hesitate to knock at my [b]Discord DM's[/b] { [i]Pew36#2286[/i] } or you can [b]submit[/b] a ticket in our dedicated [i]Help-Ticket[/i] channel & one of our leadership team will shortly assist you! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well gamers, that's it from me. If there are certain things that have interest you along the way then come & give us a crack at it. We hope to see you Guardians soon. [i]Have a good one[/i] [b]and[/b] [b][i]DEUCES!!![/i][/b]

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