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6/25/2023 12:02:29 AM

Perfect Finish Discord Server Recruitment letter (The Lumii Verse)

Good evening folks! I am seeking a set of wayward solo faring guardians looking for a place to call home. Our Discord server (you do not need to join our clan for this recruitment offer) We are currently building a discord community with a group exceptionally skilled guardians to work with others in becoming a top tier name brand within the greater Destiny 2 universe. Right now we are not in an open enrollment phase but we are seeking to fill a few key leadership positions within the community and events management teams. We are certainly looking for top skilled players but we are really needing people to fill in the support roles for our commanding officers to begin building our core fireteams. Family and work comes first without question, we have many parents within our organization. If you can find 1-2 hours a week to working with others in game and community management, please keep reading. If you are normally a solo player, work well with interesting a new ideas, and are seeking a community to participate in whilst learning how to maximize your skill base potential, then I would appreciate the privilege of borrowing your time to have a quick conversation. Even if you don’t see yourself involved too much in our community management side of our mission, you still will be welcomed to participate in our organization as an enlisted member. We are seeking Agency: Raid 2 - 3 Raid specialist = high skill base, comprehensive understanding of raid mechanics and decision making skills. Agency: Dungeon 2 - 3 Dungeon specialist = high skill base, comprehensive understanding of dungeon mechanics and decision making Agency Crucible 2 - pvp specialist = includes intimate knowledge of sandbox mechanics and comprehensive decision making skills specific to high skill pvp knowledge base Agency: Strike 2 Grandmaster Nightfall Specialist = exceptional high skill base in decision making, build crafting and map control If any of these agency positions sound like something you may be interested in, let’s discuss this in private messages, and move onto discord. Thank you for making it this far, and please be reminded, this is not an open enrollment period at this time. We are seeking leadership and creative positions for our community management side of the community building process and will publish a comprehensive open enrollment opportunity for groups of guardians to join. Thanks for your time! We’ll see you on the other side of the solar system! Sigil: 0 GEN T2- Vanguard Mr Ultima

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