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5/24/2023 11:55:44 PM

The solo lost sector experience is awful, stop putting new exotics in them please

Poorly designed maps, champions littered across them, 30 power under leveled (despite thousands of hours) with attrition as the cherry on top, makes for the single most disappointing experience I’ve had in this game, over and over. Please stop requiring people do these for new exotics. If we MUST suffer through another ill conceived space full of bad design for an item we cannot get anywhere else, 30 under, solo, can I at least regenerate my health??? Remove attrition from the game, nothing makes me want to uninstall it more. I’d also recommend allowing fireteams to have some (reduced?) chance to acquire the rewards from legend and master, like literally every other activity in the game. Such a slap in the face to solo and team players. It’s a shame every new exotic is tarnished because of the experience to acquire them, every season, over and over, despite all the feedback people give about this. I’m always excited to get the new exotics, then I always write them off because of how annoying this design is.

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