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5/16/2023 7:15:25 AM

Super Tangles

This season (20) we have in our artifact mods which grant Tangles increased blast radius and damage, and the ability to suspend enemies caught in the blast when destroyed by a Strand weapon. since we have had these all season, I doubt Bungie thinks that this combination is too powerful for the game. I think these traits should be made standard to Tangles following this season. it would be fine to restrict the benefits to Strand elemented weapons, which would coincide with Bungie's current design philosophy of encouraging weapons to match subclasses. After this season, Strand in general will be significantly nerfed without these; especially Titans, who have the least amount of Suspend aoe. (Titans have either 2 shackle grenades with Armamentarium and a single ripple from Drengr, or triple ripple Drengr from Abeyant Leap and only 1 shackle grenade; vs 6th Coyote Hunter and "Necrotic Weaver" Warlock.) Tangles going back to just having a basic blast radius and nothing more will make the whole mechanic quite underwhelming, particularly in higher difficulty content; especially since its the only "spawned elemental object" which doesn't innately grant any sort of ability energy. Nor do they innately interact with the subclass otherwise like Diamond Lances do, except for one fragment which is needed for them to grant melee energy by doing damage -- which will be lessened without the effect of the artifact mods enhancing them. The closest thing we will have to maintaining this that we know of currently is that the new Warlock aspect "The Wanderer" will improve their homing and make them deal some extra damage and suspend when thrown by a Warlock (as well as allowing Threadling kills to create tangles). So only Warlocks will retain anything similar, while already having extremely strong ability to suspend numerous targets in Weaver's Trance. but for Hunters and Titans (and Warlocks not running The Wanderer), tangles will become pretty anemic. So if the current functionality of tangles with these artifact mods is acceptable, and other prolific mass suspend builds are allowed to exist, then I see no reason we should not be able to carry forward the wide aoe suspending tangles with strand weapons!

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