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Editado por Ahari: 4/2/2023 2:34:05 PM

Ideas for Secondary Stasis Supers

Hunter- New Roaming Super- Wield Silence and Squall and make them independently throwable weapons that return like boomerangs after reaching a certain distance, hitting the ground or a target creates a small AOE freezing effect. Warlock- New Non-Roaming Super- Slam Winter’s Wrath into the ground much like a Well of Radiance, Creating a blizzard in the area, enemies standing in this area will be slowed and allies standing in the area will gain increased health and health regeneration until the effect ends. Titan- New Non-Roaming Super- Create a giant Stasis icicle and hurl it towards a target (speed would be like a slow moving gathering storm) if it hits a target it will stick in them, shooting the icicle when it is stuck will deal only precision damage to the target, after receiving enough damage the icicle will explode in an AOE burst, missing a target and hitting an area in the environment will just cause the AOE burst.

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