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3/23/2023 3:35:48 AM

Lance redick / Zavala

Just starting this post in hopes that bungie sees this and hears some thoughts about doing justice to Lances character. As we know they will have to most likely cut Zavala now after Lances unfortunate passing :(. He embodied this character for over 10 years. So I’m writing this in hopes that destiny/bungie hears us out and if they do choose to end Zavalas watch that they make it the most bad a$$ ending going out on all cylinders and having one of the most memorable story endings. I say this in the hopes that this gives Lance’s character a proper send off and they don’t write this beloved character off in a disappointing way. Please share your thoughts, condolences, and ideas Hopefully this reaches them! Eyes up guardians Rip Mr.Redick From, A fellow Titan

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