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POTD #10! Thoughts on strand so far? (Rate out of 7)

It’s my new favorite (7/7)


It’s pretty awesome (6/7)


It’s cool (5/7)


impartial or don’t own (4/7)


Kinda don’t like (3/7)


Very don’t like (2/7)


Instant bench/never use (1/7)


Heloooo friends I’m trying an new format for polling today using a rate out of 7 system. Kinda like those mildly uncomfortable work surveys before a job interview where they ask you repetitive and mundane questions while asking you you feel on a scale from 1-10. Stand has had a day and some change to be in people’s hands now so I’m wondering what people think I haven’t beaten the campaign yet but every time I’ve been given the strand abilities I’ve architected/misadventured myself, that combined with the bad first impression for Titan specifically has left a somewhat sour taste in my mouth. Conceptually it’s awesome but the gameplay hasn’t sold me yet What do you think? How is it so far? A build staple, or immediately forgotten about? Previous poll New poll

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