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Editado por Fabian Strategy (Timelost): 2/22/2023 3:51:27 PM

POTD#2 as of right now, with strand on the way, which subclass type is the most fun









Welcome to Poll Of The Day Number Twooooo Todays topic we’ve got one that will probably resonate with a lot of people differently, the 3.0 buffs changed a lot, stasis received some updates too. So which is your favorite? I personally have always been a die hard Solar user. Feel free to discuss the intricacies of your choice below, or fee free to give me more poll ideas either here or in direct messages and also would you all be interested in “multi round” polls, almost like tournaments. Say I wanted to find out what everyone’s favorite Strike is, there are 19 strikes in the game, so one day I could do the first seven, drop the 6 lowest and on the next day add and make another poll until there is a distinct winner, that could be used to find the “favorite” for strikes, exotics, crucible maps, campaign stuff, raid encounters and more. That said it would probably take multiple days if polling. Let me know! If you missed the last poll which asked: what your favorite type of power weapon is, you can find it here [] New Poll Of The Day with the topic of the new upcoming difficulty changes

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