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1/26/2023 1:56:58 AM

Uncap materials

The time is now Bungie. With all the materials changes that have been made or are about to be made in the game, it’s time to uncap or seriously increase the cap on our upgrade materials like ascendant shards, enhancement prisms, and upgrade modules etc. there is NO reason to cap these items, why can I have 9999 planet mats but only 10 A/shards? Hmm? Why? There is no good reason to cap these things so incredibly low. And I know you’re going to impose the same cap on the nightfall ciphers coming soon as well. Please stop this insanity. Who cares if I have 276 ascendant shards, or 7824 enhancement prisms, or 692 upgrade modules. Just let us keep playing and keep stacking to our hearts content! Let us play our way! NO MORE CAPS ON MATERIALS! Say it with me! NO MORE CAPS ON MATERIALS! Again! NO MORE CAPS ON MATERIALS!! People in the back! NO MORE CAPS ON MATERIALS! Only the ladies now, NO MORE CAPS ON MATERIALS! Now the men ! NO MORE CAPS ON MATERIALS! Everybody! NO MORE CAPS ON MATERIALS!

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