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1/21/2023 4:36:55 PM

Unable to Buy Anything from chests at end of Deep Stone Crypt and VotD

Hi, I will get a video of this as soon as I have time to do another raid, forgot to get one yesterday. I have been unable to buy anything at all from the end "chests" from DSC and VotD. I have 240 spoils and def do not have a full postmaster or inventory when I try to buy anything. It lets me hold down to buy, then it shows me buying it, and nothing happens. Nothing is acquired, and it doesn't show I can't buy any more of them (from weekly limit). It doesn't let me buy weapons, armor, nothing. Really making the grind for patterns a lot harder. I know for a fact this doesn't work on my main Titan, but I don't remember if I've tried on other characters. I feel like it didn't work there too but I would have to verify. Really not sure what the heck the problem is, and has anyone else had this issue? I will attach a Video or repost with one once I can get another raid done.

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