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1/17/2023 12:15:27 AM

Acrylic Dreams Is Recruting | PC / NA

Howdy yall! I am a staff member at Acrylic Dreams and want to tell you a little about our clan! We’re a friendly & social community who love the Destiny series. We love to partake in all activities from raids to trials and everything in between at all levels. We have a large and well-organized discord full of all our members, as joining it is required! There you will meet an amazing group of people who are truly passionate about the game as well as a strong social community outside of destiny! We do purges of inactive/non-registered members when necessary, so we always have open. That being said, we’d love to have a constantly active community where removals are unnecessary, so we’re looking for new dedicated members! [quote] [b]Requirements:[/b] - [i]You must speak English. - You must have discord. - You must be on PC.[/i] [/quote] That’s it! If you want to check us out, learn more, or just outright think we’d be a good fit for you, join our discord and clan via the links below. - [url=]Discord[/url] - [url=]Clan Page[/url] [i]We only accept join requests made through the discord[/i] (If you join, upvote this post so more players can see it! Thanks, yall!)

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