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Editado por Dacks_18: 12/15/2022 7:13:30 PM

FROSTBITE - Friendly, inclusive and helpful clan with 150+ members, recruiting now!

FROSTBITE – Step out of the cold! We are recruiting. We are a moderate sized clan with two branches and a core of established players, a team of Admins/Coaches and an ever-growing list of new friends; looking to welcome active guardians of all abilities into our family of international members – predominately UK & USA but all are welcome. We welcome players across all platforms; and we use in-game Fireteam chat for comms during multi-platform activities, which works really well. Our foundations are that of helpfulness, respect and kindness – and we know how to have a good time. We appreciate that it’s the clanmates who make a difference to any clan, so each member will be looked after and encouraged; and we respect that real life must always take priority to your gaming life. Guardians of all skills levels are welcomed; we only ask that you’re 21+ and are willing to be actively involved to help your fellow clan members. We are a chilled group with a love of the game, from D1 vets to D2 newbies, we don’t care if you’re crap and shoot like a spud, We are here to have fun! Whatever you want to learn in game, our Coaching Squad are there to teach you what you need to know to get the very best out of your D2 experience. • We Raid • We Farm • We Help Level • We Do Trials • We Do ALL THE THINGS (Including blowing ourselves up) However, we do not tolerate toxicity, or any kind of ‘ism’ We hold regular mini events between the 2 arms of the clan, to keep things fresh, keep everyone happy, busy and entertained. Our Admins & Coaches oversee a very organised and user-friendly Discord channel, which we would ask you to join. Frostbite I -[url][/url] Frostbite II -[url][/url]

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