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11/28/2022 11:24:34 PM

Hammer Strike (Solar Titan Shoulder Charge) should do a little bit more than just burning.

Hammer Strike is probably the least useful Shoulder Charge in the game in PvP DFA has the mobility. Arc Shoulder Charge has the blinding. Shield bash has the Suppression. What does Hammer Strike do? Oh yeah, right... It burns enemies a bit. Veeeeeeeeeery useful in PvP (sarcasm). I think Hammer Strike should either give a bit of HP on hitting an enemy with it, so that close combat fights in PvE/PvP are more forgiving or it should get the weakening effect again it had before. In PvE, when I charge enemies with it, it burns them a bit but has no more utility than that. Meanwhile Arc SC or Void Shield Bash blinds/suppresses enemies, which basically prevents most units from attacking you at all for some seconds. In PvP, when I charge players with it, it burns them a but, preventing health regeneration but has no more utility than that. Meanwhile Arc SC or Void Shield Bash blinds/suppresses players, making them a lot more fragile in a closed combat fight due to the debuffs. You see the problem? Aside of the burning, Hammer Strike has no utility without an exotic while all the other shoulder charges do 2x more stuff than Hammer Strike and can even be paired with the melee exotics for more damage. When Bungie removed the weakening effect of Hammer Strike, they nerfed it quite below any other melee ability on Titan. In both PvE and PvP. Even Shiver Strike on Stasis has more base utility than Hammer Strike. There is a reason why I never shoulder charge at all with Hammer Strike and rather use the aspect to execute Consecration to ignite targets instead. It's just much more effective to execute Consecration than Hammer Strike.

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