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11/24/2022 5:25:55 PM

Season of Plunder Triumphs: “Multiple Fronts” and “High Seas, High Spirits”

I know that I’m not the first to express this, but I figure the more that this is mentioned the better chance there is that something might be done about it. First, I want to mention that I’m not here to sow hate. I honestly think that it was cool of Bungie to ease the requirements to get the Scallywag title. I’m also aware that what I’m about to talk about has no bearing on the game besides completion, and so stakes are very low. Bungie has far more important issues to address, especially with Seasons 19 and 20 coming so soon. With all that said… The “Multiple Fronts” and “High Seas, High Spirits” ask too much. [i]Way[/i] too much. For anyone that is unaware, those two triumphs are tied to champion eliminations and celebrations respectively. The former caps out at defeating 250 Expedition champions, while the latter caps out at 150 Ketchcrash or Expedition celebrations. I know that this isn’t news to most, but I’ll elaborate anyway: Expeditions have a minimum of 0 champions and a maximum of 6 champions per run (4 Ruffians + 2 Overload). Bungie has made headway into helping the community ensure that more Ruffians are encountered in Expeditions to alleviate the pain of obtaining the Scallywag title, but I’d still wager the average amount of champions per Expedition today is 3. The math here tells us that Guardians with extreme misfortune, seeing only 0-1 champions every single run, will have to do 250+ Expeditions for the “Multiple Fronts” triumph. That’s a number that no average player will ever reach— that even dedicated players will never reach. But no one is that unlucky right? Well, seeing 2 champions per run is still 125 Expeditions. 3 per run, a reasonable average, is still 84 Expeditions. Even the luckiest players out there, somehow seeing 6 champions every single run, will need to do 42 Expeditions. Maybe I’m alone on this (I’m not), but I think that even the low end there is too many Expeditions. However, all of this becomes meaningless when you take “High Seas, High Spirits” into consideration. 150 celebrations in Ketchcrash or Expeditions, which, unlike Expedition champions, maxes out at 1 celebration per run. That means there’s no getting around it, players [i]must[/i] complete a total of 150 Expeditions/Ketchcrashes. Referring back to the average amount of runs needed for “Multiple Fronts,” that may as well read as needing 84 Expeditions for the champions and 66 Ketchcrashes to complete both triumphs. I’m sure there are players out there who will argue against me here. However, from my perspective, the perspective of someone who’s clocked 4,500 hours into Destiny 2, 84ish Expeditions and 66ish Ketchcrashes is unreasonable. I love playing this game and play almost every day, and I can promise that I’m not going to do that many of either activity. My current progress on “Multiple Fronts” is 125/250 and my current progress on “High Seas, High Spirits” is 79/150, and both Expedition and Ketchcrash have completely lost their appeal. They’ve become a repetitive slog at this point, and the meaningful rewards have completely run dry, particularly now that the community Eliksni event is dropping Red Border weapons like hotcakes. “But the triumph doesn’t have to be done this season,” I hear some people saying. “Just take your time and play naturally, it’ll unlock eventually.” This is true, but it [i]does[/i] need to be done before the end of next season, when we will presumably be losing all of the seasonal activities from Seasons 16-19. So we get two seasons to reach these ludicrously high numbers before they’re gone, and that doesn’t even take into consideration how busy we’ll be next season with whatever new things that brings. “It’s a triumph, it’s not supposed to be easy to complete.” I agree 100%. But it doesn’t have to be unreasonable, and it shouldn’t be unfun. Bungie chose to reduce the number of champions needed for the Scallywag title, and in doing so they are admitting that their numbers were too high for the average player, especially due to the nature of Expeditions. So why change those requirement numbers and not the numbers for these two triumphs? I feel like reducing the “Multiple Fronts” requirement to something like 100 Expedition champions would keep the triumph challenging without being overly daunting. Maybe even keep the number high and have it be champions between Expeditions and Master Ketchcrashes. As for “High Seas, High Spirits,” I personally feel that somewhere between 50-75 celebrations is a better number. “If it’s too much to complete, then don’t do it. They’re just triumphs with no reward attached to them.” I agree to an extent. If I don’t get these done, then it’s not a huge deal. I’m not going to riot or take to the streets and proclaim my hatred for Bungie. It ultimately doesn’t matter much. But I know I’m not the only one out there that compulsively completes triumphs, and it [i]does[/i] bother me when I have incomplete triumphs that are within my ability to complete. It’s not about having a tangible reward. The satisfaction and Triumph Score are reward enough for me, and I think it’s reasonable that players like me want those things and are able to reach them. Ultimately, I know I’m going into great detail about something a small number of players care about. However, I think that small number of players, myself included, have a valid argument here. At the time of writing this, a mere 3,430 players have redeemed the “Multiple Fronts” triumph. “High Seas, High Spirits” is sitting at 15,978 players— higher for sure, but a low number in the big picture. Again, I’m typing all this out simply to bring more attention to the matter. I’m not mad at Bungie, and I’m not trying to stir up any ill will in the comments or anything. Just hoping that maybe someone sees this that can make a change possible. Thanks for reading.

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