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11/20/2022 4:55:06 PM

11/20/22-Operation Turkey Vacuum.

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Hide the turkeys


*dodges feather* Good afternoon and HAIL HYDRA!!!! This week HYDRA has been collecting many turkeys for Thanksgiving next week. We have nearly forty in a pen outside!! Well we did, that was until some mush hearted intern fell in love with one of them and tried to catch the said turkey. Now the -blam!- empty and constant gobbling is coming from the rafters. Of course no one can get any sleep with the constant noice in their ceilings so Skull Team Six was immediately mobilized to capture the turkeys by next Thursday. *sigh* well this is all for today onion flavored guardsmen. Remember to bundle up and stay safe and as always, HAIL HYDRA!!! ["]7 ["]/

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