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10/31/2022 4:50:08 PM

10/31/22 - Weekly Reminder To Hail HYDRA!

*Gets spooped* Good afternoon and hail HYDRA. Last weekend a slasher got on the loose in Site-Alpha and Skull Team 6 was dispatched to terminate it. Unfortunately he seemed to be empowered by the spirit of Halloween and he butchered all but one of the Skull Commandoes. Lt. Maria Coteaz was the final girl left alive, and she sealed the slasher in the water mains below our central headquarters and escape. We'll deal with him later, for now Vermin has some company. In other news, the HYDRA Youth has begun rehearsals for their upcoming Christmas Pageant. Starting tomorrow the continuous onslaught of Christmas adverts will begin. HYDRA's annual Free Thanksgiving Turkey Raffle will begin in two weeks. Buy a ticket for a chance to win a free turkey. Be sure to stock up on some candy for tonight, you don't want to be egged by little kids. That is all for this week, get ready to hail HYDRA. [T]7 [T]/ [i] [b]HAIL HYDRA!!!!!!!!![/b][/i]

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