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10/29/22 - Hail HYDRA! - Operation: Hailday The 13th - CRITICAL MISSION FAILURE

HAIL HYDRA!!!!!!!!


Support the Slasher.


It's Saturday, that means HYDRA is conducting another op. R&D keeps -blam!- up. They created a clone of Captain America that breached containment and now stalks the corridors of Site-Alpha. What is worse is that he has donned a hockey mask and fashioned a fragment of Cap's shield into a makeshift machete. He has butchered fourteen interns and somehow has gone undetected by our security systems. Skull Team 6 has been dispatched to get rid of the slasher. All of Site-Alpha has been evacuated as a precaution to aid our Skull Commandos. Operation: Hailday The 13th is in effect. [T]7 [T]/ [i][b]HAIL HYDRA!!!!!!!!!![/b][/i] Edit: Mission failed! Our Skull Commandoes were picked off one by one until Lt. Maria Coteaz was the last one standing. She managed to seal the Slasher in the water mains below Site-Alpha. We’ll deal with him later, but for now Vermin has some company.

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