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Editado por Kestrel, King of Excrement: 10/24/2022 4:39:01 PM

10/24/22 - Weekly Reminder To Hail HYDRA! - SIX YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Walks onto stage to thunderous applause then trips* Good afternoon and hail HYDRA. Six years. We've been shitposting for six years. Can ya'll believe it? I can't either, and I hope that you guys are thoroughly irritated. You're wondering to yourself, "Bruce Wizard, why would you spend the last six years sending shitpost after shitpost to die in the miasma of unoriginality that is #Offtopic?" Well like many of you here, I was duped into giving into the the hype that is Destiny. Shortly after the release of the RIse of Iron DLC, I was sitting at my computer and browsing the forums in my apartment...and I figured *shrugs* "-blam!- it. Why not?" I then started to shitpost every Monday. The hardest thing was getting into routine and remembering to do it. Oftentimes I forgot. Fast forward six years and I am now consistently shitposting biweekly. Do I have a life outside of seeking validation? Yes I do, I'm getting married next summer. Yes, she knows about it. I would like to give a big shoutout to all of the fellas who perpetuated my roleplaying by bumping my posts with "HAIL HYDRA!!!!!!!!!" or openly opposed me by SHIELDposting. BigBossMan, The Fred army, RADneck, A New Fridge, GoldenKnight_0, and the others? You guys are the real heroes. Here's to six more years of shitposting and weekend ops! Thank you, all of you, for hailing HYDRA. Now more than ever before, get ready to hail HYDRA! ONE LIKE = ONE HAIL ONE BUMP = FIVE HAILS BUMPING THIS THREAD WITH "HAIL HYDRA!!!!!" = [u][i][b]ONE MILLION HAILS[/b][/i][/u] The shitposting will never end! Hail our glorious leader! Hail the Crimson Insignia of Serpents! Hail our devoted, inexhaustible personnel! Hail Skull Team 6! HAIL HYDRA!!!! HAIL HYDRA!!!!!!!! HAIL HYDRA!!!!! [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]7 [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [T]/ [i][b]HAIL HYDRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/b][/i]

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