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10/22/22 - Hail HYDRA! - Operation: Joyride - MISSION SUCCESS

HAIL HYDRA!!!!!!!!!!!




It's Saturday, that means HYDRA is conducting another op. On Monday HYDRA will be celebrating six years of roleplaying and shitposting on Offtopic. As a reward for our dedication, Red Skull thought it would be a baller idea to kick things off by taking all the personnel of Site-Sigma, our social media outpost, for a lavish ride on our state of the art party bus. The problem? Nobody can seem to find it after Sin "borrowed" the bus for her friends to use during her junior prom. Sin doesn't remember where she left it. A black operation has been ordered to track the bus down. It's not within our budget to replace it. Operation: Joyride is in effect. [T]7 [T]/ [i][b]HAIL HYDRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/b][/i] Edit: [b][i]MISSION SUCCESS!!!! BUS LOCATED!!!!!!! IT’S PARTY TIME!!!! HAIL HYDRA!!!!!![/i][/b]

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