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Editado por Martin Destroyer: 10/19/2022 4:13:19 AM

Fallen Saber Nightfall(GM) Overload Champion Spawns Stuck in a Wall Forcing A Restart

This happens to me often


This happens to me rarely


This has never happened to me


A friend and I were planning to do multiple GMs today, but after only 2 GMs we encountered this bug, which killed our run and stopped our drive of wanting to do more. A simple bug like this can really damage engagement and the frustration that it creates may prompt players to close the game altogether, instead of just stop doing nightfalls, since you now know there is chance that your time will be wasted. Note: The Overload champ spawned inside the wall. It never walked out of its spawn and then teleported inside the wall, which I know is another bug overloads can do. This overload spawned already being stuck and un-killable.

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