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10/17/2022 6:20:37 PM

10/17/22 - Weekly Reminder To Hail HYDRA!

*Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger FUNGUS FUNGUS* Good afternoon and hail HYDRA. Last week our R&D nerds dunn goofed again and accidentally cloned a anime girl Punisher hybrid. The abomination called itself Pun Pun Kill Chan. The op to terminate it was successful, we armed it with dummy guns and sent it to pick a fight with the real Punisher. Good ol’ Frankie made quick work of it, and HYDRA High Command personally…disposed of the research team that was responsible for it’s creation. HYDRA would like to thank all of the onion flavored guardsmen who hailed HYDRA and made this victory possible. You guys are the real heroes! In other news, next week is the Sixth Anniversary of Weekly Reminder To Hail HYDRA! Can you believe that we’ve been shitposting and roleplaying for six years? We can’t either, and we hope you are thoroughly irritated. Please bump that very special celebratory shitpost. Tis’ the season to be spoopy, enjoy the Halloween decorations. Cheryl from HR is working overtime to get us all in the Halloween spirit, be sure to wear your costume to work on the 31st. That is all for this week, get ready to hail HYDRA! [T]7 [T]/ [b][i]HAIL HYDRA!!!!!!!![/i][/b]

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