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10/10/2022 6:13:29 PM

10/10/22 - Weekly Reminder To Hail HYDRA!

*Gets struck by a smooth criminal* Good afternoon and hail HYDRA. Last week Red Skull got utterly shitfaced during Oktoberfest and wandered off in his drunken stupor. Our glorious leader is known for his unusual behavior whilst intoxicated so Skull Team 6 was dispatched to track him down and bring him home. The op to do so was a smashing success...he was found trying to seduce a fire hydrant. We would like to thank all of the onion flavored guardsmen who hailed HYDRA and made this victory possible. You guys are the real heroes! In other news, our Six Year Anniversary of Weekly Reminder To Hail HYDRA! is in two weeks. Can you believe that we've been shitposting for six whole years? We can't either and we hope you are thoroughly irritated. We also hope that you bump that very special celebratory shitpost. R&D accidently cloned a half-weeb Punisher. The abomination must be destroyed, an op is underway to orchestrate its demise. We understand that the days are getting shorter and colder. The weather will soo n put an enormous strain on the failing infrastructure of many of our bases. That is all for this week. Get ready to hail HYDRA. [T]7 [T]/ [i][b]HAIL HYDRA!!!!!!!!!![/b][/i]

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