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10/8/22 - Hail HYDRA! - Operation: Where’s Skulldo? - MISSION SUCCESS

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It’s Saturday, that means HYDRA is conducting another op. Last month the world famous Oktoberfest in Germany kicked off, and our glorious leader Red Skull embarked on his annual pilgrimage to his homeland. Every year he partakes in the festivities. He gorges himself on bratwurst and potato pancakes, lusts after beautiful Bavarian women, and drinks enough beer to kill an elephant. The festival officially ended on Wednesday this week and Red Skull still has not returned from his vacation. HYDRA High Command believes that our glorious leader has once again gotten utterly hammered and wandered off somewhere. Skull Team 6 has been dispatched to track him down and bring him home. Extreme caution must be taken, Red Skull is known for his strange and erratic behavior whilst he is intoxicated. We must find him before he does something obscene and idiotic in his drunken stupor. Like pass out on train tracks or get beaten up by a -blam!-…again. Operation: Where’s Skulldo? is in effect. [T]7 [T]/ [b][i]HAIL HYDRA!!!!!!!!![/i][/b] Edit: Mission successful. Red Skull was found 100 miles away, nauseatingly drunk and trying to seduce a fire hydrant. Retrieval procedures were uneventful. Welcome back, O Glorious Leader!

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