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10/1/22 - Hail HYDRA! - Operation: Master of Romance - MISSION SUCCESS





It's Saturday and you know the drill. We are at our wits end. The homeless guy in the parking lot needs to go. All attempts to evict him failed horribly as he has proved to be a formidable warrior in his own right. Worse is his metaphysical powers of seduction. Despite his filthiness, he is somehow able to seduce anything that moves. HYDRA analysts have identified him as Fernando the World's Greatest [REDACTED]. He has requested an eviction fee of approximately $6.77. Sounds reasonable enough. A small price to pay to get him to piss off. We need someone with a heart of pure ice and malice that can resist his charms. Someone who is biologically immune to poisons and pheromones. Viper is the obvious choice. Hey...just give Fernando the money and he should leave. You'll be fine, just go! Operation: Master of Romance is in effect. [T]7 [T]/ [i][b]HAIL HYDRA!!!!!!!!!!!![/b][/i] Edit: MISSION SUCCESS!!!!! VIPER SUCCESSFULLY RESISTED FERNANDO’S CHARM!!!!!! HAIL HYDRA!!!!!!!!

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