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9/26/2022 5:00:27 PM

9/26/22 - Weekly Reminder To Hail HYDRA!

*Loads airsoft gun with cat hair* Good afternoon and hail HYDRA. Last week's op was cancelled due to writers block. Never fear, our inspiration was recaptured. In other news, our Six Year Anniversary of Weekly Reminder To Hail HYDRA! is coming up at the end of October. We all hope you bump that very special shitpost. The homeless guy in the parking lot has now started begging for money. All efforts to evict him has failed as he has proven to be a formidable warrior in his own right and he has powers of seduction far greater than any (meta) human we have encountered. HYDRA is pulling out the big guns this weekend, wish us luck. Vermin, the rat-man is still occupying the sewers below Site-Alpha. HYDRA has enlisted master huntsman Kraven to flush him out. Workplace suicides have reached an all time low, personnel are actually looking forward to coming to work. That is all for this week. Click your heels together and salute. [T]7 [T]/ [i][b]HAIL HYDRA!!!!!!!!!!!!![/b][/i]

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