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9/10/2022 6:39:24 PM

Destiny: Jack D. Anderson C11 PT 1

[b]Chapter 11. The Speaker, Pt 2 [/b] "Soooo, Cayde-6...." Jack hummed from the passenger seat of the Queen, "What's with the 6?" Cayde glanced at the blonde from the pilot's seat, "Just to make me more unique," he grinned. She laughed, "Oh, I'm sure. But seriously, is there a reason you have a 6 in your name?" The Exo frowned, "Hang on, what have you actually learned while out in EDZ? You said you learned about the Traveler and Guardians from survivors. Did they tell you anything about Awoken or Exos?" She winced, "Eh, not really. I've only ever seen an Awoken once before coming to the last city; they were mainly just stories among the survivors. I saw an Exo here and there, but no one really cared to talk about them. I heard something about them being human once, but I don't know if that's true or not." "Oh, it's true," he answered, "All Exo's were human once; the human's mind was uploaded into the Exo body. But because of the shock of being out of the human body, the Exo's mind has to go through a memory wipe so they don't lose their minds. That's why you'll hear Exo's have names with the number at the end, like Saint-14, Banshee-44-" "Cayde-6..." He could feel her eyes on him, "Yeah," he murmured, "Cayde-6." She sat there, her mind processing everything Cayde had told her, "So, you've lived six lives?" He nodded. Her heart ached for him; she couldn't imagine what it was like living six previous lives. "Do you remember anything?" Yes. He shook his head, "Nah, not really. All Exos see flashes of the past, but it's not anything special. A bad storm, a -blam!- lady, some old dude, y'know, just random stuff." She was silent for a moment as she studied his focused yet somber gaze, "Have you tried to learn about your past? Like, the Cayde's before you?" He took a deep breath, definitely, "Eh, not really; I've had questions, sure. Literally, everyone does when they wake up, whether it be from the light or a reboot. But I quickly lost interest; no point in focusing on the past when there's stuff to do now, right?" She shrugged, "Yeah, I guess so..." When they finally got back to the tower, Jack climbed out of the ship on her own with Cayde close behind her. "Alright, Jackie," he smiled, "You know where the infirmary is, right?" She nodded, "Yeah, I'm pretty sure. You're not coming with me?" He shook his head, "Nah, I have to talk to the Speaker about this, and afterward, I have a meeting with.... Eris," he said her name bitterly. "Eris? Who-" "Absolute freak, pray you'll never meet her," Cayde patted her on her shoulder, "Alright, go see Elizabeth; I'll talk to you later." She smiled and nodded as she began to walk away, "Alright, Cayde, see ya." Cayde smiled as he watched her leave, his head turning when he felt someone press themselves against his shoulder, "Well, she seems to be fitting in nicely," Amanda grinned as she leaned against Cayde's shoulder. "Yeah," he responded, "She's a good kid, a little rough around the edges, but hey, most Hunters are." Amanda chuckled, "You could say that again. How was training?" "Good, pretty decent shot, could be better, though." "Well, that's why you're training her. Give her a few weeks, and she'll be head-shotting Fallen from a mile away." The Exo chuckled, "Hey, now, I don't want her to steal my thunder." Amanda pushed herself off the Hunter Vanguard, "I highly doubt she will, Cayde; you still out beat her with your shinning and obnoxious personality." "Aaw, Amanda!" He cooed, "You're going to make me blush!" She waved her hand, "Yeah, yeah. Now, get outta here, I have a shipment coming in, and you're in the way." He smirked, "Alright, have fun. Don't damage my ship!" "I make no promises!"

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