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8/30/2022 6:08:23 PM

Trials of the Nine (prophecy) Loot

I know this is old...but hear me out. I know that these weapons are from year one. I know you've already rotated these back into the loot system for the Prophecy dungeon. But is it possible to rotate these back in with some origin traits? These weapons are already a unique set and would be awesome to have them be used more than it is now. I've also asked if it was possible to find a way to get the shaders added to the prophecy back then. I mean we got the armor, the weapons. Why not those AMAZING shaders too? Or maybe add the shaders to a bundle like you did with the year one shaders? I'd pay for it! Lol no really...I would haha. Please add those shaders back into the game. I know this sounds like a grocery list of wants. But I just think it would make sense since the weapons and armor are a part of a dungeon, why not make them more relevant to what our weapon pool (and shaders) is currently. Love you guys. I've been playing destiny since beta and will continue to love and play this game.

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