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8/27/2022 5:39:54 AM

<All Platforms> NÏ8MÄRΣ Clan Recruiting

NÏ8MÄRΣ Clan is looking for Members: [u]What we ask for in members[/u]: {⭑} Be active! {⭑} Be willing to learn! {⭑} Play with clan! That's the whole point right? {⭑} Be friendly! We don't want to toxic people here {⭑} Join the Discord server! If you don't join the discord you wont be accepted into clan. [u]What we offer as a clan[/u]: {⭑} PvE sherpas to help with game content {⭑} Endgame content: GMs, raids, dungeons, etc!! {⭑} Weekly raids, pinnacle grinds, Title/Seal grinds! {⭑} An active clan that truly wants to game, make friends, and have a great time.

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