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8/24/2022 3:09:52 AM

Not Recieving Bungie Emails

I'm going to start off by saying I understand that this may be an issue that is still investigated, and I want to respect the staff at Bungie who are working on it. However I have been waiting since March for a solution to this problem, this is the third post I have made regarding this, and it is so incredibly frustrating as a member of this community to use the one and only option given to me to seek assistance (if there is another I have never seen nor heard of it) and to be completely ignored/looked over. For almost a full year now I have had to watch as my friends playing this game share simple things like play time, character statistics, links to celebrate when they accomplished a new dungeon or raid, and even the vote on armor ornaments, and for this year I have not been able to interact at all. I am currently in a position where I receive no emails from Bungie at all. Every time I log in to the Bungie website I receive a popup attempting to tell me to verify my email. I have done so with two separate emails at least 10 times maybe more and still I see the pop up. I have tried using the method outline in the [url=]5/12/2022 TWAB[/url] several times and it has done nothing to help me, though I am glad it resolved the issues for others. I have also seen no comment on how this is still an issue, though I have seen others with similar problems so I do not think (though I may be wrong) this is an isolated issue. All I want is to be able to enjoy an aspect of this community Bungie has given us, to be able to share this fun game information with friends. Instead I'm constantly left out of it, and feel like a jerk whenever I talk about it in much earned frustration. Above all else I'm just disappointed as I have not received any response at all, and it makes me as a community member feel ignored, like my problems have no weight or importance. It might be the smallest of issues, or it could be an ongoing large one that I'm completely unaware of, but I have not had any help for months and I'm at wits end on what else I can do to receive any kind of support. I love Bungie and I love Destiny, but I'm at a loss on what I'm supposed to do if all I'm offered is a Help Forum where I don't even see a reply to an issue I've had for so long. Regardless, thank you for your time if you read this, and I apologize for any rudeness felt from my words.

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