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8/14/2022 9:14:05 PM

New character idea

Europa exists an exo titan with no name. This titan seemingly has no humanity left in him, he shoots at everything that moves be it fallen or guardian. Amongst those that happen apon him refer to him as sweet business because the sound of that weapon spinning up is what tells you it's him. Sweet seems to spend his days digging around every and any Clovis bray facilities he finds particularly ones to do with the creation of Exo's. See sweet isn't looking for the reason he was turned or ancient weapons or technology. He wants revenge and answers what happened to his mother. The only thing he really remembers before his ghost found him is fighting a losing battle and his mothers corpse on the ground. He's been looking for a long time but today his ghost pulled a record of a security team holding out while protecting scientists in one of the exo labs. When sweet gets finally gets there the frozen bodies on the ground begin to remind him. It looks like they were fighting on all sides with no sense of order to the chaos. Deeper into the facility he got the more returned to him until finally he reach the end. Row after row of capsules of people with exo bodies right beside ready to be turned. The ghost found a terminal and pulled what he could of a recording out of this long inactive machine. The recording had scraps of images and fuzzy sound but one name spoken rang out in his mind "Isaac". That was his name, It all came back. The vex appeared out of no where and assaulted every part of the facility. There was panic to get anywhere to safety. Issac was part of a security team hastily thrown together to protect the scientists, one of them was his mother. It wasn't much of a battle and more of a slaughter people were being killed and dragged away probably to be tortured and experimented on. A Minotaur grabbed his mother. Nothing could bring them down so Issac rased his rifle and emptied his magazine into his mother so she wouldn't have to experience what horrors they had planned for her. He had killed her. He was an exo because his mother wanted her son to never know the fear of death and in return all he had done was throw her to it. The minotaur fired at him he was injured but not dead so he fled tried to get away from the vex and what he did to the one person he had in the world. When he had fully remembered it all he slowly turned his head to the spot his mother had fallen and he saw her. The cold had preserved her and the little holes surround by dried blood on her coat. After that he picked her up and disappeared. Probably to bury her somewhere nicer, somewhere warm where the sun always shines.

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