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Editado por Yavna on 512: 8/13/2022 3:01:13 PM

Please improve the radar of solo players and also regularly reveal the positions of pvp squads

In one of the last articles in the app in the section "unbalanced squad sizes" you confirm it yourselves that the communication via voice chat provides inevitable advantages in the communication - but especially with regard to enemy positions... Honestly, how am I as a solo player supposed to coordinate my next tactically-sophisticated approach reasonably and with all finesse if on my side constantly free spaces - from which I can be heckled ("sandwish") at any time - arise because my mates were probably spontaneously put out of action because their position of holding was "announced" to all? This is neither pleasant nor fair, and we'd rather not even touch the topic of competitive matchmaking ; therefore I ask hereby for compensation of the unfair advantage against solo players like me by: first in PvP and in the first step a radar buff for solo players is implemented. This fairness feature could, for example, cause ... •solo players get an extremely extended radar •solo players never appear on the opponent's radar Next, ALL enemy positions should be revealed by squads when solo players receive damage from squads YES PVP COULD BE FUN! I HAVE NOT GIVEN UP HOPE YET

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