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Editado por Cobra5577: 7/9/2022 8:39:36 AM

I’m pretty much done with nightstalker and am loosing interest in Destiny 2 as a whole.

I have wanted to love nightstalker and void 3.0 so much. I love the idea of playing as an invisible assassin / grim reaper that is basically the bane of the enemies on the battlefield. In the end though, I just can’t take anymore of this subclass. Let me get straight to the point. My biggest gripe about nightstalker in void 3.0 is there are no aspects in the nightstalker’s kit focused around gun play and everything is instead focused around melee. No chaining invisibility with guns, only melee. I couldn’t care less about melee or finishers!! I want that gunplay!! Melee is so much slower than gunplay. I have to travel to the target and then I have to deal with the painfully slow attack rate of melee. Even with glaives, I still have to travel to the target, which is time spent doing nothing when I could be shooting with guns. Also, even with damage boosted melee, I can kill large numbers of enemies quicker with an smg than with melee. Too stylish only makes the issue worse by forcing me to hold fire for 2-3 full seconds. This is incredibly painful for me as it forces me to restrict my killing rate to keep invisibility when I want to be killing things as fast as possible like a raging hurricane! Guns are my cup of tea, and nightstalker 3.0 makes me feel like I can’t use them! Guns are also the key to killing things faster, yet I can’t use them! This is why I liked flawless execution! Because it allowed me to use cloaking offensively and with guns in PvE! Nightstalkers need some way to chain invisibility with guns in PvE either without relying on volatile rounds from echo of instability, or volatile rounds need to become more accessible to hunters!! Hunters don’t have grenade feedback loops to sustain gunplay with volatile rounds, leaving them inferior to warlocks and titans very clearly in this issue. Honestly, I would just want stylish executioner to give weakening rounds for 5 seconds to fix this issue, but it likely won’t happen because bungie seems to hate the idea of gun oriented nightstalkers right now. By the way, Destiny 2 isn’t a melee game, it’s a gun game. By making nightstalkers melee oriented only, you have basically designed them contrary to the very design of the game itself. Anyway, beyond that, hunters also need better access to weaken and I think basic weaken should be buffed a bit to make it more on par with radiant for solo play. All in all, I was immensely disappointed with void 3.0 and combined with the failure of a crafting system that has nothing that interests me in it, I’ve pretty much had it with Destiny 2. There is nothing that interests me in the game. Until bungie fixes void 3.0 on nightstalker to make gunplay an option with weakening and invisibility; and until they fix the crafting system by adding some nice void weapons into it that may actually be able to hold a candle to my god rolled funnelweb, krait, Perses-D, and my explosive payload and firefly fatebringer, etc., all I’ve gotta say to Destiny 2 is BON VOYAGE SIR!! Bonus: Newsflash! Assassins don’t just use knives or melee! They use guns too! Think Jason Bourne from the Bourne series and Sam Fisher from the Splinter Cell series for example!

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