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No error "Code", just loads of errors...

**Previously posted in a different topic** **Playing on Playstation 5** Seriously.... The U.I. and vendor interfaces are now slower than a 1989 Geo Metro with no engine and at least one blown tire..... So yeah... things are pretty bad... Since the launch of the new season, I am experiencing a TON of issues such as Getting stuck in strikes/missions, Items taking forever to show stats and information, character model not showing on character screen or just showing a floating weapon or giant foot, not able to preview emotes, armor or weapon models won't show when inspecting, upgrading weapons or armor takes ages, and dismantling items also takes ages. Please tell me there is a fix in the works because a lot of this makes the game practically unplayable/unenjoyable... Now if you'll excuse me, I have a 1989 Geo Metro to try and fix before I expect these issues to be taken care of... 🤦‍♂️

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