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5/25/2022 3:02:15 AM

Destiny 2 takes a long time to connect and load every time on initial boot

Hello! I have noticed this issue some time during the previous season so it has been at least a couple of months since it started. To clarify a bit more, every time i start the game, i have to wait quite a while on the "connecting" screen. After that's done, the loading after that also takes a long time until i get to the character screen. Afterwards, everything works fine (aside from the never fixed issues of maps or inventory taking a long time to load which is something i have observed other players also had and its been in the game since last expansion) I have tried reinstalling the game, verifying game integrity, deleting all the relevant folders, firewall is not blocking the game, all the relevant ports are open (NAT is marked as "open" ingame). i cant think of anything else i can do to fix this. Has anyone else experienced and/or potentially solved this issue?

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