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Editado por hate n payne: 4/29/2022 2:47:33 AM
The “Contact” activity from Season of the Arrivals should have replaced Gambit with Reckoning being an addition to the content. Gambit is a wash and it honestly needs to be vaulted. I mean how did they dedicate a whole season to the mode for it to still be as garbage as it is. The amount of resources could have been used to design a story that prolonged for the entire season, improved PVP overall with new maps and map redesigns while condensing modes into playlists, improved vendors and expansion of content from planets into end game content with rewards. Could have added: Adept Planetary Weapons and Armor Adept Lost Sector and Adventures loot Adept IB and Comp loot Adept Tower Vendor loot Exotics and Mods reworks We need QOL updates that take the content in game and makes it feel fresh and renewed while the new seasons bring in content that is new to the game.

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