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4/25/2022 6:17:30 AM

Use for random rolls of craftable weapons

I saw someone posting earlier about Motes of Light, a d1 currency that one could spend to imbue xp into a weapon. I know that D2 has, perhaps, too many currencies as it stands, but I wonder if there might be a compromise. Currently, we have three options for any acquired gun: shard it, infuse it, or keep it. For craftable guns, once we've unlocked the pattern, there's little need to have multiple copies of that gun, and so I find myself automatically sharding every copy I get, without caring which gun it is. What if we could imbue the random-rolled gun into our crafted version, earning a small amount of experience for the gun but forfeiting the glimmer, legendary shards, and gunsmith rep that we'd acquire from disma tling it?

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