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4/24/2022 4:38:56 AM

Tranquility, a chill place for veterans, new lights, and anyone who enjoys the game

We are Tranquility! Here you are scrolling through all the different clan recruitment posts, looking for the perfect clan to enjoy gambit, raids or PvP with, well we got you covered or frozen. We are just the place you need! We regularly host a mix of events, made by our hard working and wonderful admins, and have an active playerbase that we ensure to keep active, while maintaining a chill and casual atmosphere. Tranquility offers all that, and more! We are proud members of The Queens Court! A community with over 7000 members, an own Sherpa Hub for Raids and Dungeons, loads of social channels for your hobbies and interests. Throughout this, we are still a family! Nobody gets left behind, and we are always looking for new people to join us. No matter your skill or experience! Come join us, talk with us, use our LfG Channels and more over at [url] [/url] Simply register with the Charlemagne Bot, pick your platform role and apply for Tranquility! We DO NOT tolerate toxic play or talk. You WILL be kicked from our clan and we have a team of Admins and Moderators monitoring for and enforcing that policy. I will be waiting for you Guardians

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