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My friends, let us reflect upon the meaning of egg

Perhaps there is no better symbol of purity, innocence, life, the cycle of nature, and goodness than the egg. As an object, it is simple, nothing more than an elliptical sphere of the clearest white, yet holds the potential for life within. But even as great a potential it holds, the shell is frail, and it must be protected from serpents, the sheerest of evil in the world. And whilst the egg cannot fend for itself, it demands from those of righteous heart to be stronger, bolder, and braver. The ritualistic egg toss, a test of finesse and courage, is a painful reminder of the duty we owe to lesser creatures, a duty we are ultimatey doomed to fail. Becasue even the most valiant of heroes must fall, and evil is ever-vigilant for any sign of weakness. When an egg cracked, its casing shattered, its yelow yolk seeps out, and its lifeblood oozes out like pus from a festering wound. In these moments, it can be difficult to imagine that there is goodness in the world. But even in despair, the egg shows us that there is always hope. For the yolk can be cooked, prepared in the most delectable of ways. It can sustain new life, young life, life worth living! As a nutritious meal, the egg has served as a staple food product for any. Adult or child, man or woman, rational or furry, living or undead, all benefit from the fruits that which the egg brings. Civilizations have risen and fallen on the prolific production of eggs. WIth only a few eggs, many chickens can arise, and from many chickens, hundreds of eggs may be produced, a number fit to feed the halls of the grandest of palaces. How many kings under dire siege have pled dearly for only a handful of eggs? Whomstever has a great production of eggs within their citadel cannot be vulnerable to hunger. As the egg is weak, it makes nations strong. No matter the fate of the egg, whether it be grown into a chick or broken into pieces, know that the egg is never wasted. Even if left to rot, the stench can be used to detect dangerous, undetectable gases that have taken far too many lives. So, my friends, perhaps we can strive to become as egg. For there is strength in weakness, hope in despair, and life even in the great abyss of death! Take heed of the egg, my frneds, for it tells of the greatest of virtues man can hold!
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