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Editado por gta5igrac: 3/26/2022 7:31:59 PM

bungie can you consider a stasis glaive?

glaives need a buff. damage is bad, melee is suicide but the guard is the best perk of glaives focus on the guard. stasis glaive pls. we need 2 perks that could make these good. -new perk chained hits: succesful projectile hits returns/refunds ammo to the magazine. (like polaris lance) could make so normal version just reloads on hits, but enhanced version refunds the shot on hit. i would level my glaive up, even if this perk requires level 50. with this glaives don't need to be moved to primary and would solve some issues: accidental reload while guarding and shooting your last shot ammo/reserves is way too small and magazine size is also small, also missing a lot of shots, refunding successful hits would make these better. this perk would be no problem since because of projectile speed and travel we are going to miss every 3rd shot unless enemy is 10m away. also works well with chill clip. also swords got an infinite block in some cases. -chill clip: makes glaives way better, example go up to a revive and guard, if 1 or 2 champion is there while guarding you can freeze them and make retreat way more safer. also stasis glaive could get some nice blade on weapon, like the enigma looks but lubrae's ruin doesn't look that nice for me.

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