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3/16/2022 4:23:59 PM

Re-release Witch Queen CE Fail. scalpers win

I received an email that I was one of the few contacted to purchase the CE yesterday at 1:45. I checked my email at 5 after work and followed the link to find no availability. Why did I get notified of the lottery style opportunity if sales were not limited to the people notified? We do not live in a time where it is farfetched to limit one sale per account, to limit the amount of emails to the amount in stock, and to provide a time frame of response to opt in or out of an opportunity like this. I am an avid collector and it makes no sense to exclusively email a select few people on a sale that they do not have a realistic opportunity to purchase. What was the point? We can't pretend like there was a concern of holding stock out of fear of not selling all of the inventory. A 24 hour deadline of response is practical and should action not get taken after that period the opportunity could then be made available in the form of a second wave of emails to other people in the pool This will be the only destiny CE I don't have and it is clearly a tile important to me. If I missed out because others who are interested in the game we're able to get their hands on it under the circumstances of a normal re-release I would not be bothered. But not only was there no point of a lottery-style notification system, but measures were not taken to ensure scalpers did not sweep up all the inventory. Right now the fruits of all of Bungie's appreciated hard work are in the clutches of a machine designed by financial gatekeeping beta-male bridge trolls who intend to piggy back off sales. Overnight the eBay, Mercari, etc. Proactive Sales of the no game code CE have tripled and the prices average at $400. These are not guardians. These are worms. And a lack of planning and intention has left me and many other guardians at a great loss as you grant scalpers an easy 200% profit to -blam!- their keyboards and violate your loyal community. Why email me? Seriously. Why? [spoiler]this is garbage[/spoiler]

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