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2/25/2022 7:35:40 PM

Missing DLC codes

Ordered and received PS Witch Queen collector's edition, but noticed that there weren't any download codes included. Not in the shipping box, not in the collector's box. Nothing. All the physical goodies were there, but no game code. I thought "Maybe they're going to email them." So, i waited. Launch day came, and i got the soundtrack download, but nothing else. I played the first free missions, and was informed, that to continue i needed to purchase the expansion. So, i waited. Day 2 came, and nothing. I submitted a report to bungie store customer service and received an automated response. I replied to the response informing of my issue, and received nothing. Not a message received, not even another automated response. Nothing. I created a Twitter account to see if i could get something, anything from anyone at bungie. All i got was "post it in the forums." I look in the forums and see other people are having the EXACT same problem, but that the forum posts nor the mods are able to help. So, why type all this when i already know the outcome? To vent, i guess. Or maybe to show that there are more people affected by this oversight. Anyway, i'm still waiting...

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