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Editado por aguante_el_manya: 2/1/2022 4:25:21 AM

Active AUS/NZ psn clan looking for active members to join our family

Region & Platform: NZ & AUS [PSN] We like to keep things simple: - Respect everyone - Be active in Destiny - Be willing to help others - Manners cost nothing so please use them - No squeakers, kids or immature teens We have a Discord for community chat and scheduling events which members must be part of and PSN chats that we use for in-game voice comms. Raids // PvP // Trials // GMs // Gambit // We like to take part in ALL aspects of the game, including the occasional D1 activity. Our recruiting process has changed a bit as our clan has grown stronger. We used to accept chill players of any kind but that led to most chill players wanting to do stuff on their own and we would only know 20 players out of our 80+ members… The new era of The Herb Clique has begun and we now seek specific types of players: - People who are good value and want to get involved in all clan activities. - Players who want to meet new friends and grow to take on the harder challenges Destiny has to offer. - Active members who help out around the clan making sure its running smoothly. We don’t want: - Inactive or solo players, they will be warned and eventually removed from the clan. - People looking for carries who disappear once all exotics and seals have been gained. P.S we are currently in the process of getting ready for witch queen drop. message aguante_el_manya on psn or bungie to get in touch. thanks.

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