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Editado por BlitzWolf69: 12/8/2021 9:32:12 PM

On Deaf Ears...

I know this will get ignored and/or down-voted into oblivion and that's fine. Just needed to get it off my chest. In the first day, I did the free event, got the Magnum and got two Pinnacles done. Turned off the game. Not even a want to play with the guns I've gotten more than I already have. I did not, and will not, buy the Anniversary Pack... Even though, for a moment yesterday, I was tempted to. I saw that the Dungeon isn't too bad and that getting Gjallarhorn is fairly easy to do. But after thinking about what I would do after spending $25 just to play with a gun for a while, I quickly realized that it isn't worth it again. I don't look to or want to Raid every single week, let alone on three characters. Or to repeat a Dungeon hundreds of times for a new armor look and a couple decent weapons. I get bored after running some Strikes and patrolling for a moment. So, there's no reason to spend $25 just to get a gun that I'll use about as much as any other exotic. I'll give credit to Bungie's marketing team. They know how to make a flashy trailer showcasing something you do want to do, play with Gjally again, while hiding what you actually do after you've gotten it, which is doing the same Dungeon and Strikes and Raid over and over again since there's nothing else to do. It tempted me just a little, I'll admit, but I realized again that there would be nothing to really do after obtaining Gjallarhorn. To any who do read this, if you're enjoying the repetitive nature of the game then wonderful. Enjoy it. But for any who felt a moment of weakness in regard to buying this DLC or those who do regret giving-in again, just know that you can break the habit. You can get out of this cycle. It's tough. It sucks. But you're not alone if you're just fed-up with Bungie and Destiny.

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