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"Parallel Program" Egilibility

Heya, [url=]A friend of mine[/url] and [url=]me[/url] have been developing ElevatorBot, a destiny 2 discord bot, for ~1.5 years now. We started because Charlemagne's feature set was not sufficient for our own clan, and we wanted more options. This scope has changed and we are now working to become a full alternative to Charley which can be used by everyone. We're currently doing a [b]big[/b] [url=]rewrite[/url] which we plan to release at the end of this year. Then, the bot will become public and anyone can use him. Currently, the bot is solely used for our own clan server with ~200 people and 264 registered users. I could list all the bot can do, but then I'd be here all day. There are 33 destiny related commands, including: - an LFG system - custom achievement roles - destiny 2 clan management in discord - detailed user stats for every destiny 2 weapon - detailed user stats for every destiny 2 activity - and much, much more. Some personal highlights are the [url=]weapon command[/url] and the [url=]playtime command[/url]. As far as we know our bot is pretty unique and offers our users functionalities that can not be found anywhere else. We are fully Bungie rate limit compliant and also open source, please check us out on [url=]GitHub![/url] Thanks, Kigstn

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