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Witch Queen Reveal Trailer has a clue for Lore People

Reprised Raid would be fun


Reprised raid would not be fun


No opinion


Spoilers ahead regarding Dreaming City for those who did not follow it. You are warned. Friendly reminder that come February? We know it involves the Oracle as the clue at the timestamp (:48 seconds for those who need this) shows the Dreaming City spawn point, raid location icon above, and the waypoint is in the oracle building. Part of the 15th wish is tied to the dreaming city raid: [spoiler]“This one you shall cherish.” – Riven of a Thousand Voices[/spoiler] Here's a funny thought though: What if the Tangled Shore getting vaulted, but not DC is because DC will be the new TS and the throne world is the new DC? The idea is you need to pass through the oracle engine to get to the destination we see in the reveal? If the 15th wish, in the raid, is to do something other than wrap up the DC storyline? What would you all think of a reprised raid involving the light-based hive? I for one would enjoy having to kill each ghost to ensure they stay dead in an encounter. Would put a whole new twist on raid mechanics and ahamkara power in the real-time of our characters. Feel free to discuss.

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