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The trials solution for everyone to be happy (somewhat)

So, I’m not one of the higher end players who just wants to pub stomp bad players.I NEVER 6 stack control for a reason, it’s super boring and farming thrall is probably harder. What I do get though is pretty annoyed that I get the same loot for playing top 500 players that .5s get by beating other negatives. It just feels unfair to me, even though I get why people want to play closer players in skill. Despite me believing that people should want to improve and work to beat better players and my disagreement with the mentality that a lot of casual players have towards PvP, I have an idea that could work for everyone. I think that trials should have some sort of ranking system that resets seasonally. People of the same rank would match each-other. You can rise and fall in ranking, and you would be capped at a certain point so good players aren’t punished by the ranked because they win a lot, this would just separate people out a bit. The higher you rank is, the more trials loot you’d get. This could be in the form of more drills for bounties, or maybe an EXP multiplier for saint-14 to end up getting double the engrams or something. This would make it fair and rewarding for the high rank players since they would have tougher games than lower skilled players. The lower ranks could have the current trials loot drop rates, I just don’t think it’s fair to have to play top tier players and receive the same rewards as jimmyjoe65 going flawless against a 0.5. This would make both sides happy, the casuals who aren’t too interested in improving can actually get a win to two, and the higher skill players would be rewarded for their harder games. This would also curb the resetting a little (which isn’t a HUGE issue right now since it’s not as common as it’s made out to be but anyways), the higher loot drop rate would give good players a reason to play better people. [spoiler]Additionally about ranking, this could function similarly to the glory system, and then the glory system could be worked into actually competitive ranking similar to games like CSGO and OW.[/spoiler] Another cool thing to do could be to add in ornaments for high skill players on top of this. Maybe for each 10 flawlesses you get something, or you get a cool ornament set at 100, 150, 250 flawlesses ect.

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