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10/12/2021 3:31:02 AM

The Flawless Pool

The flawless pool nails it down for trials IMO. It’s a super easy pool for players who can’t make it. They get a little bracket at the end of the weekend and get to get a little better with some loot behind it, that’s awesome. I’ve been seeing people asking for MORE SBMM and easier lobbies on top of the flawless pool. I got to experience first hand how easy the matchmaking was. I just got a chance to play with my trials partner this week between both of our schooling and the lobbies were incredibly light. Honestly, if you can’t go flawless in THAT matchmaking, I really don’t think that you deserve the loot. I did not play one difficult team the entire card, I was honestly wishing that I could return to my normal matchmaking because of how boring that was. Also, I sort of wish the flawless seal gilding was more difficult. I’d like to see the seal mean a little something again. Or maybe add a PVP seal that involves both trials and comp? That could be cool and a fun challenge if done right.

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