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8/30/2021 2:51:47 AM

Consistent hacking on Destiny 2 PVP

How consistent should you run into the same player Over and Over again? I transfer from Xbox to PC due to my accounts being hacked and to avoid any hackers from destroying my network. I have switch ISP and I am still going through the same issue of running into the same player base of cheaters. This is DAILY, I report players and they just play again with different account name. At this point I gotta ask some question: 1. How often do you run into the same players of cheaters using the same hacks EVERYDAY? 2. Is this a serious concern, due to the dangers of HARASMENT/STALKING? 3. Should I file a IC3 report or get a etical hacker to figure out the issue? This is destroying my K/D to the point no one wants to play with me and ruins the vibes when streaming on Twitch. I left Xbox because of the same issue My theory is that I am on a recovery server somehow and I keep running into those recovery teams, due to the fact that I use to be contacted regarding carries and paying for services. I politely declined their services and it was met with retaliation i my opinion. Any insight would be great, thanks in advance

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